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World Link for Law

In 1997 our associated law firm entered the international network for World Link for Law law firms, where Attorney Wolfgang Burchia is a member of the Board of Directors since 2005.

World Link for Law is a leading network of international law firms established in the late 1980s as Euro-Link for Lawyers comprising a network of 70 law firms with 80 offices in 47 countries worldwide. The association is based in Zürich and has regional centre firms in Hong Kong and São Paulo.

World Link for Law has 350 partners and 700 hundred professional experts, and it has a wide range of services and a geographical coverage to challenge the world’s largest international law firms.

Most of the members of the association are law firms and lawyers who – owing to their high qualifications and excellent contacts – are in a position to provide their clients with legal services and technical advice within the sphere of their international activities.